What's New

Just added more free backgrounds! 03/16
Just added 7 FREE HD backgrounds. More to come as well as VIP templates. Enjoy!

Upgrade to a VIP account 03/12
Interested in having zero ads on your website or want your own personalized background? Upgrade your account and enjoy VIP extras added to your website. Contact [email protected]

Support Help 03/05
Need help in setting up your website or have a question? Please email [email protected]

New feature Added! Verify your Escortprotools website with a verified logo 01/04
Want to legitimize your Escortprotools website and potentially increase your bookings? Complete the simple verification process and receive an EPT verification logo for your website. Login to your account and click the "Request Verification" link at the bottom of your dashboard page.

Added extra social media links 12/15
Social media rules the internet and it's a great way to promote yourself. If you have an Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or a Youtube account, don't forget to add them to your website. You can link them all under the "contact" page.

Want to use your own website(domain) name? 12/05
Do you have your own website name(domain) and would you like to attach it to your Escortprotools website? We offer FREE website(domain)name forwarding. Email [email protected] for help

Need help setting up your EPT website? Have a question? Looking to upgrade? 11/25
Need help with setting up your EPT website, have a question, or looking to upgrade your website? For anything Escortprotools related, please email [email protected] for any questions or comments.

New feature just added! Screening form 10/12
New feature just added! A screening form can now be added to your website. Select from "Basic" or "Advanced" screening form. Enjoy!

New Features Added! Extra Photo Galleries/Private Photo Galleries 09/09
You can now have multiple photo galleries. You may categorized them, as well as password protect your photos. More added features coming soon!

EPT Upgrades 07/26
We are offering zero ads on your website as well as personalized backgrounds as upgrades. If you would like to know more, please contact [email protected]

Agency accounts now available 07/11
We just launched a Beta version of our Agency login. It's working but we are still adding and making updates to it.

Want to use your own website(domain)name? 05/30
Do you have your own website name(domain) and would you like to attach it to your Escortprotools.com website? We offer FREE website(domain)name forwarding. Email [email protected] for help

Sitewide updates 03/01
For those who have yet to notice, we have made a few subtle changes to our templates. We hope you enjoy the changes, more to come soon!

Just added! You can now temporarily disable your website 01/27
The disable button is now available. This will give you the ability to turn off your website at any time. Login to your account and check your dashboard.

Extended additional section 01/05
We have added additional fields to your "About Me' section. Enjoy the new year and more updates to come soon!

New feature added 12/20
If you haven't already noticed, we recently added a 12 month calendar under the schedule page. This is a great tool for anyone with a set schedule, as well as those that travel often. Enjoy!

Add us on Twitter! 12/12
Have a Twitter? Add us @Escortprotools.com

New background templates 11/28
We just added 5 new background templates to choose from. More to come!

You can use up to 8 pages on your EPT website 10/12
EPT is currently offering 8 free pages for your free website. We will be adding more in the next following months